What are the best dedicated server hosting WordPress and its features?

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When it is time to level up your website, you need to invest in the best dedicated server hosting WordPress. WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management system and tends to power about 35% of websites around the globe.

The versatility platform makes it extremely easy to design and develop websites that are robust, flexible, scalable, and much more. However, you can’t guarantee the success of your website by simply using WordPress.

You need to focus on the content, web design, SEO, hosting, and security. It is not possible to talk about everything in this blog, so for now, we will just focus on the WordPress dedicated server hosting.

What is dedicated WordPress Server Hosting?

There are different types of hosting, shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting is like renting a physical server that is dedicated only to your website. You will be the only one using its resources, as well as having complete control of it.

Since you will not be sharing it with anyone, you will get flexibility, power, and security. A dedicated server is designed and developed keeping in mind the needs of the WordPress websites.

To fully comprehend what a dedicated server is, we will introduce the other two types of servers as well.

Shared Hosting

We call this type of hosting, the flip side of WordPress hosting. In order words, you will be sharing the hosting with several other websites. Every website would be sharing the resources of that particular server including CPU, RAM, and so on.

This is perfect for a website that does not have a lot of traffic. It is also more affordable in comparison to dedicated hosting services. Also, shared hosting doesn’t offer customization to a great extent, which might not be a problem for entry-level businesses, as they do not require core customization.

However, shared servers do have their problems. The major one is that the website will slow down when there is a spike in other websites.

VPS Hosting

This type of hosting mimics dedicated server hosting. Even though you are sharing the physical server with other websites, but it provides you with an environment path that replicates the functionalities of the dedicated server.

To make it simpler, VPS hosting is like renting an apartment in a building, instead of renting a room in an apartment. You will get your own bathroom and kitchen, but you still would be sharing the building.

You will get better control of the resources, as well as more space, and flexibility, but you will be sharing everything with others too.

Features of Best Dedicated Server Hosting WordPress

There are a number of features that a dedicated WordPress hosting offers, below we are going to talk about these features.


Since you are the only one who has access to the server, thus you get enhanced security. Just ensure that you get full control of the machine’s physical access. In addition, with a dedicated server, it is fairly easy to comply with PCI and HIPAA.

There is a possibility that other websites on the server do not have proper security measures in place, this would put your website at risk as well. With dedicated hosting, there is no risk of sharing the same with any malicious website.

Moreover, your dedicated server is different from the server of the hosting company. Some of the companies offer a separate secure data center for dedicated servers.


Unlike the shared servers, where you have to share resources inducing CPUs, and RAM with other websites, dedicated servers offer full control of these sources. You will not have to worry that if a website gets more traffic, your website will slow down.

Unlimited access and full control of the resources ensure the responsiveness and robustness of the site. Moreover, if for whatever reason, you need more resources, they would be readily available to you. Performance is guaranteed with dedicated servers even at peak hours!


For dedicated servers, you will not have to worry about server crashes. The reason being, mostly there are several power resources for power backup available at data centers. So, in case the local power grid fails, they can use one of the many other types of power sources to avoid any possible failure.

Furthermore, you decide the time for maintenance. In shared servers, you do not have this liberty. You will have to go with the schedule set by the company for the site downtimes.


Customization is another key feature of a best dedicated server hosting WordPress. You have the facility of loading the software that you use, instead of using the default software that comes with shared servers.

Moreover, you dedicate as to which resource is allocated, when, and where. You also get root access to the server.


In addition to having full control of the resources, you can also align them with your needs. For instance, as your company’s website grow, you would need more resources in order to keep it running smoothly.

This isn’t an option with other hosting servers, as they have to do with whatever resources a server is left for your website.

Get the Best Dedicated Server Hosting WordPress Services

There is no denying that dedicated WordPress hosting offers your business unlimited room to grow. It also provides you with the flexibility that you require for your site. However, you would need experts to manage it and to help you use it to its full potential.

Allow BeStartHost to provide you with versatile WordPress dedicated server hosting services! We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!