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Content Acceleration of CDNetworks is a solution that helps speed up the delivery of your content. It is focused on accelerating static content, such as text, images, background music and webpages. The static content is cached in CDNetworks’ CDN edge PoPs after being fetched from your origin, enabling a nearby content delivery.

CDNetworks owns over 2,800 CDN edge PoPs in over 70 countries and regions. With the rich PoP resources and advanced technologies, your content is always delivered to end users via the optimal edge PoPs of CDNetworks platform. This effectively offloads your origins, speeds up content delivery, enhances website performance, and therefore improves user experience and business income.


Customized Caching

Cache static content in the edge PoPs as per your requirement, effectively optimizing the response time and web performance.

Intelligent Scheduling

Select the optimal path for content delivery, ensuring a quick and reliable content transmission.

Access Control

Configure access control rules by IP address, country/region, HTTP headers and time stamp to prevent unwanted visitors.

Origin Reinforcement

Support customized back-to-origin policies, instant origin failover, and origin status monitoring, guaranteeing your business continuity.

File Prefetch/Purging

Proactively cache or delete/invalidate specific content in edge PoPs, increasing cache hit ratio.

Protocols Support

Rapid deployment of multiple new protocols such as HTTP 2.0, IPv6, QUIC, and TLS 1.3.

Abundant PoP Resources

As a world leader in cloud distribution and edge computing, CDNetworks serves customers in over 70 countries and regions. It has 200,000+ globally deployed servers, 2,800+ global CDN PoPs, 400+ global edge computing PoPs in over 70+ countries and regions, as well as a total storage up to 500 PB, and 100+ overseas ISP partners.

Fast & Reliable Content Delivery

Apart from rich network resources, CDNetworks collects real-time network data to determine the optimal route between customer origins and CDN PoPs. As a result, both static and dynamic content are distributed to end users in an efficient and reliable manner.

Flexible Content Management

In addition to general cache management strategies such as prefetching, purging and customized caching, CDNetworks also supports image processing. It is a one-stop image processing solution that covers format conversion, cropping, resizing, rotating, watermarking, etc. You can also enforce the caching of specified content and adjust the caching priority as you need.

Comprehensive Security Protection

With features such as anti-hotlinking, anti-hijacking, anti-tampering and HTTPDNS, CDNetworks content delivery network not only speeds up your content distribution, but also secures the content during transmission.

Visualized Console

CDNetworks provides a visualized console, where you can self-configure your domains, gain full insights into your usage data, manage your certificates, download the logs and so on.

How It Works

Content Acceleration mainly accelerates the transmission speed of the middle mile. When data is requested by end users for the first time, CDNetworks will fetch the data from your origin and then deliver it to your users via the optimal PoP decided by the Global Balancing System. Meanwhile, CDNetworks will cache static content in the edge PoPs. If being requested, the cached content will be delivered to your users via the edge PoP, offloading your origin and accelerating data transmission. The architecture is as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

Content Acceleration is normally used to accelerate static web content such as HTML files and images. This type of content can be cached in CDN edge PoPs and is the same every time it is delivered to users. If you need to accelerate dynamic content in your website, please refer to another product of CDNetworks: Dynamic Web Acceleration

CDNetworks has 200,000+ globally deployed servers, and 2,800+ global CDN PoPs in over 70 countries and regions. See CDNetworks global network map here.

Yes, Content Acceleration supports the feature of prefetch. With this feature enabled, CDN PoPs will obtain specified files from customer origins before end users request the files, dramatically reducing the response time of first-time requests.

Image processing is a value-added service of Content Acceleration. It is a one-stop image processing solution that includes features such as image format conversion, cropping, scaling, rotating, and watermarking. See the feature detail here.

Based on your requirements, the service setup time ranges from less than an hour to a few weeks. CDNetworks technical support engineers provide 7/24 professional assistance throughout the service setting up process. Click here to try our service for free.

Two billing methods for Content Acceleration are available: pay-by-bandwidth and pay-by-traffic. CDNetworks also support tiered pricing based on your bandwidth and traffic volume. Contact our sales engineers for more detail price info.

Yes, we provide a 7/24 support, 365 days in all regions. Click here to access our Support Center.

To learn more about Content Acceleration, please visit our Document Center.

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