Team DevOps : How to Improve Collaboration and Efficiency?

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What is DevOps Best practices

The best practices of DevOps is the way to go in creating a successful software engineering development and operations culture.DevOps, a management practice in software development, focuses on integration and collaboration between software engineers and the IT operations teams responsible for managing the deployment and operations of your applications. The goal is to enable software development teams to rapidly deliver value by reducing friction between developers and operations personnel who are responsible for delivering that value. DevOps incorporates automated testing, code deployments, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), system configuration management, infrastructure automation and application monitoring into each stage of software development.

How to Improve DevOps Collaboration

DevOps is a term used to unite teams of software engineers and IT professionals, who take on the role of developers, operations and quality assurance staff around a common goal: tightly integrating their workflows and processes. DevOps introduces automation and collaboration into the development lifecycle to help move software from concept to production faster. The result is improved time-to-market and higher productivity.

DevOps – simply put, is the intersection of software development and operations. It’s important to ensure there’s a balance between the two – in order for DevOps to work, we need effective collaboration between Dev and Ops teams.

How to improve DevOps Efficiency

DevOps means improving the speed and efficiency of the development team. To deliver high quality software faster, organizations can reduce the cycle time between changes by building automation around the change process. This session will examine best practices for building DevOps automation to support your organization’s evolution toward continuous delivery.

DevOps helps to reduce the risks associated with development, testing and deployment processes. It is a process that emphasizes communication, collaboration and automation across multiple work streams so that all stages of project delivery are prioritized, managed and executed efficiently.

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