Processing AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence:

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What is processing AI

AI is a machine learning technology that mimics human cognition to make machines more capable. This can mean anything from simple decision making to complex planning, from detecting objects in photos to understanding natural language conversations.Processing is a powerful, easy-to-use programming language designed to make you productive. You can use Processing to create amazing things.

Processing is a creative app environment designed to make it easier for beginners and experts alike to express themselves through code. It has powerful features like automatic code completion, syntax highlighting, semantic understanding and code analysis. In Processing , you get access to the world’s best software tools — including Arduino, openFrameworks, Blender 3D rendering and more – right inside your app!

Future of AI

The future of AI is upon us. It is emerging as a fundamental building block of new business models and technological applications. In this talk, I will share the key trends driving the evolution of AI and how companies are adopting it to solve their unique challenges.
AI is the future of intelligence, from intelligent vehicles and voice assistants to automated robots. As more of our lives become automated, it’s important to understand how AI works and what it could mean for society.This book guides you through the current and projected realities of AI, providing a comprehensive look at how this new technology both improves our lives and becomes a huge threat to humanity.

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